Superfast Charging Battery Materials

Echion Technologies supplies high-power Li-ion battery anode materials that enable superfast charging for a range of applications, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles

Current batteries charge too slowly to meet the demands of next-gen e-mobility applications

Today’s batteries cannot offer a safe fast charge while maintaining a high energy density. Graphite and silicon anodes enable high energy density cells, but it is unsafe to fast charge them. LTO anodes enable safe fast charge but suffer from a very low energy density.

Echion has the solution.

Echion’s niobium-based anode products enable a unique combination of fast-charge, safety, and high energy density

Echion’s materials work. Really.

No nonsense. Our materials work in commercially-standard full cells, which our partners and some of the world’s largest cell manufacturers are testing in real-life applications.

They can be mass-produced and truly drop into the existing battery manufacturing process, replacing graphite or LTO to deliver benefits which the industry really want.

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