Echion’s Nb-based anode materials enable cells with a unique combination of fast-charge, safety, and high energy density

  • 0 to 100% charge in 6 min or less
  • Twice the volumetric capacity of LTO anodes (x2)
  • Safe operating voltage
  • 1000’s of cycles demonstrated
  • Low cost

Echion cells can safely perform a full fast charge in 6 min, more than 5 times faster than standard Li-ion cells.

Echion’s anode materials rely on our proprietary Mixed Niobium Oxide (MNO) technology

We have designed unique crystal structures and particle engineering to enable reversible and superfast lithium ion diffusion within microcrystals, enabling fast-charging performance without the need to use nanosized powders.

We are working with world-leading battery industry companies to empower the next generation of superfast charging battery cells.

Echion offers a fully scalable solution

  • Our materials are being produced at a large scale using simple and standard manufacturing techniques
  • We only use low cost, abundant, and environmentally-friendly chemical precursors
  • We have demonstrated that The Echion MNO anode materials are compatible with all standard manufacturing techniques, formats, and other battery components.

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